The “admin of the day” idea

When I joined the adminteam at my current employer, a concept by the name of “admin of the day” was introduced to me. I didn’t find a lot about this topic on the web so I figured I’d share this idea…
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Fun with HP … NOT!

So we’re doin’ taxes this week. Like gathering documents about what we earned, spent for travel to work and other pleasant financial details of the past year … And as if this was not FUN enough for a whole year, the freaking printer and its manufacturer drive me nuts when other than printing the damn thing (yeah, you can upload it but you also have to print it …) everything else is done …

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Do not panic – he is a trained professional!

Sorry about the similar heading, but it just fit perfectly.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my servers (a nice Dell R815 dual 12 core cpu 128g ram box) suddenly complained that it couldn’t detect its memory any more. Dell‘s usual approach (which, for me, never improved anything) when something like this happens is to power off the machine, unplug the power cables, remove the memory modules, put them back where they were (“reseat” the modules) and then power on the machine again. Afterwards, support usually wants you to also clear the system event log and see if that changes anything.

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