So that’s 220 hours of my life I’ll never see again

That’s the amount of time I spent playing Diablo 3 since my start on May 26th. That’s 106 days, so an average playtime of more than 2 hours a day. Seeing this number and thinking about the meaningful things I could have done with that huge amount of time … I don’t even have a word for how I feel about realizing this. If I was a student and had nothing to do … well, but I’m a full-time working father of a (since this saturday) 1-year-old that recently bought a condo … wtf!

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Thoughts and impressions: Diablo III

Many years players waited to finally get their hands on this game and now it’s finally here … Diablo III. My posting on this is a little late since I “had to” go on holiday for a week but looking back at forums posting and early reviews, playing in the sand with my daughter might not have been the worst thing to do while a lot of trying-to-play-ers were basically sitting in front of error 37 … beware of spoilers!

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