Note to self: Play around with smartphone less

This posting got me thinking about how ridiculously often I pick up my phone to just kill time by looking at freakin twitter or facebook. Even though I consider it being way less compared to lots of people I see, it’s still way too often. So here’s the awful self-reflecting list of situations when- and reasons why I’ll try not to play with the phone that much anymore …

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I had even forgotten how to shift!

Due to renovating, moving and last but not least, my daughter, if my training calendar is not lying, as of last saturday’s morning, I had not ridden a bike for almost three months. It’s not been that long for the last four and a half years and every day it became more and more obvious: I need to get out and ride …

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I hate to admit it, but these new “computers” don’t always suck

I asked myself what I actually need a computer for at home and got to realize that for the most part (work (ie typing text into a shell), browsing web pages, reading email) I don’t really need a full blown, heavy, energy wasting machine. Without thinking about it too much, I did those things with my smartphone over the last few months. But actually it’s ridiculous to sit at home and stare at that tiny screen, so I started looking for alternatives.

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Note to self: iPod no good in washing machine

Last weekend I unintentionally washed my iPod shuffle (2nd gen) in the washing machine alongside some clothes. Since it was nice weather on friday, I had it in my shirt pocket and not in the jacket – it was too warm for the jacket – and I just forgot to take it out. So now it’s really clean and all shiny again, but unfortunately, it’s not doing anything after moving the power button to the “on” position. Looking for a new device with comparable functionality Continue reading

Be dumb already!

I’m not into smartphones and the like in any way, I don’t read about them, don’t like to use or see people using them and usually don’t care about this kind of thing. Now that I got one, I feel confirmed in my attitude towards this topic.

So I recently got a smartphone from my employer after making it through the qualifying period. I had a sort-of-smart-phone before, a Nokia N900, but this time, since I am supposed to use and test the companies “app”, the choice was either iOS or Android. Since I’m not exactly an Apple fan, I went with the lesser evil and chose the Android platform on a Samsung Galaxy Xcover. I chose this “outdoor” phone so it doesn’t quit its job just because being in my backpack when riding my bike in the rain …

But anyway… when I first got the device I played around with it and it mostly complied with my needs. I was able to import contacts, sync calendars, use it as a USB storage device (on linux(!)) to transfer stuff and the like. After charging for a couple of hours, it was at 100% and that was it for that day, I went to sleep.

The next morning the thing’s battery was down to 50%. And it had done nothing for 7 hours. Well, that’s what I thought it had. Apparently, since I had installed the facebook app, it automatically checked facebook for updates every couple of minutes. Since I configured a gmail account on it, it also checked for new mail every now and then. It probably also checked for software updates, weather reports and whatever news there might be. In order to do so, each time it needed to check for $something, it connected to my wireless network and apparently, that uses a lot of battery.

After several hours of fiddling with the damn thing and even installing an “app” that disables all network connections whenever the screen turns off (which I consider impossible to do comfortably using the built-in configuration tools), the device now doesn’t need charging for about 2 days, depending on the actual usage of the phone (like making calls and maybe writing a text message now and then).

So I thought “well maybe it’s this very phone has this kind of problem with battery runtime”, but talking to friends and colleagues about this I get the impression it is considered normal that a phone does not run longer than a day without charging. Some people even carry around a battery powered pocket charger or a spare battery. What the fuck?! I consider this a extremely rediculous device behaviour and a massive step backwards compared to older phones I had. The first mobile I owned, a Siemens S25, was already able to go through a week of standby time. And that was 12 (read: twelve!) years ago!

Thinking about all these robots I see in trains apparently not being able to do anything but stare at their bloody miniature screen… Call me old fashioned but if I didn’t get this thing for free, I’d certainly not have a “smart” phone that does a lot of things I didn’t tell it to and makes it very hard to make it not do those things. I’d rather have a dumb phone with long lasting battery.

‘cos it’s saturday

Just recently I heard an interview with a soccer fan in the stadium that was asked why he went to watch soccer. The unexpected and having-to-think-about-for-a-second-answer was “‘cos it’s saturday, isn’t it?”. Like it was the most natural thing to go and watch soccer every saturday. Being the biased guy I am, the first thing I thought was some kind of “got nothing better to do in your life”?

Last night I talked to a friend about our plans for the weekend. The weather forecast is horrible, close to 0°, rain and/or snow all day and a lot of wind. When I instantly said “I’ll ride my bike in the mud tomorrow”, this soccer guy came back to my head. Why do I do that? ‘cos it’s saturday and that’s just what I like to do. Cheers, soccer guy ;)