Review: Riding skills course with

There is was a demon inside my head. It shows showed up every time I come came up to a drop in a mountainbike trail. It then jumps jumped out of my head, slows slowed time, lands landed at the edge of the drop, turns turned around and from there, stares stared at me with its evil grin. It reliably vanishes vanished as soon I get got off of my bike and carry carried my bike down the drop. Fuck! Thank you, Flo – demon slayer – Vieth Continue reading


Re-visiting Bikepark Winterberg after 8 years

Last time I visited the bikepark in Winterberg, Germany, was in summer of 2010. I injured my shoulder after a couple of minutes when rolling through the practice area not paying proper attention and had to get to the hospital. Let’s just say I don’t have the best of personal memories when it comes to that name, “Winterberg”. Now, after 8 years, we went back there …

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How to move a Steam game to another hard disk (December 2015)

I installed an SSD into my computer and wanted to move a Steam game to that new drive. There is a gazillion how-tos on that out there but I found a lot of them are outdated and the most likely found article from Valve itself just tells you how to move steam in its entirety, which was not what I intended. So here’s a working way to move a single game to a new location that does not require any additional software.

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Super simple bike wall mount

With all family members starting to ride bikes (or run bikes), space in the garage has become a precious good. So I thought about how I could mount some bikes to the wall. The kid’s bikes were not much of a problem. With a little hook each, they all went to the wall easily. But with the mountainbikes … not so easy. I thought about just mounting a small wooden plank to the wall, putting the wheels on that and holding the bike up with a rope. But then I found a way easier and even cheap solution.

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Debugging sporadically encountered “SSH encountered an unknown error” in ansible runs

Half way through setting up continuous deployment with jenkins and ansible, I sporadically spotted “unknown errors” with ssh connections when ansible tried to run things on a series of hosts. Searching for “SSH encountered an unknown error during the connection” obviously revealed a LOT of results but nothing that really helped. So I had to dig deeper and eventually found the problem.

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