Review: Knog Oi! bike bell

In March of 2016, Knog started a project on kickstarter to fund a new design idea for a bike bell. I found the idea and looks of the bell very intrigueing and wanted one instantly. It arrived a couple of weeks ago, so here’s what I think about it.

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Super simple bike wall mount

With all family members starting to ride bikes (or run bikes), space in the garage has become a precious good. So I thought about how I could mount some bikes to the wall. The kid’s bikes were not much of a problem. With a little hook each, they all went to the wall easily. But with the mountainbikes … not so easy. I thought about just mounting a small wooden plank to the wall, putting the wheels on that and holding the bike up with a rope. But then I found a way easier and even cheap solution.

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New bike: Orange Alpine 160 (26)

A couple of months ago, I read a review of the Alpine 160 and while I read it, I was once again tempted by the simplistic design and concept of the frames they build in Halifax. The fact that they went from the big massive one piece swingarm to the much less bulky looking 2 piece version on the Alpine frame made the difference for me to decide it was finally time for a new frame to replace the Nox Flux FR.

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