Not a lot of reasons to go to Wacken

Last year, I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the 2015 Wacken Open Air festival. It’s only 50 more days until it starts but every day I feel more and more like selling the ticket and not going.

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When buying mp3s online goes wrong

I recently came across Kataklysm, a metal band from canada, while watching something on youtube and this live video popped up in the related links. I took a look and liked it a lot. So I started reading about the band, about that particular concert and ended up in the google play store buying that 20 year anniversary album “iron will”. This started quite a journey until I could finally listen to the music…

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Buying music online: amazon mp3 vs. google play

For many years i did not care much about new music, instead I stuck with like half a dozen of my favorite bands and only very rarely added a new one to the list. I bought most of the CDs years ago, then converted them to mp3s when the whole mp3 thing came up and ever since, I hardly ever listened to the actual CDs any more. I kept buying CDs but other than converting them to mp3 files and then copy them to a mobile player, the actual CDs were of practically no use to me.

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