So I got myself a Chromecast …

I used to own a multimedia PC until fall last year and when it broke, I replaced it with a raspberry pi. This thing is still great when it comes to playing files from a connected hard disk but for streaming things off the web, it is not that good (mainly because it’s really slow). So, since it is finally officially available in germany, I got myself a Chromecast
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Truely impressive and awesomely easy – xbmc on a raspberry pi (using raspbmc)

Since my old xbmc running media centre pc broke and I had to get a replacement, I recently bought a raspberry pi. For those who haven’t heard of that: It’s a computer as small as a tissue pack that only costs like 30 Euros which – according to many many people on the internet and also my colleagues at work – is capable of playing HD video. Honestly, I didn’t believe it, but for 30 bucks? Let’s try and see …
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