Super simple bike wall mount

With all family members starting to ride bikes (or run bikes), space in the garage has become a precious good. So I thought about how I could mount some bikes to the wall. The kid’s bikes were not much of a problem. With a little hook each, they all went to the wall easily. But with the mountainbikes … not so easy. I thought about just mounting a small wooden plank to the wall, putting the wheels on that and holding the bike up with a rope. But then I found a way easier and even cheap solution.

It’s an almost invisible stainless steel hook that goes into the wall with 3 dowels and screws (the ones included are of real bad quality, but that’s neglectable for the price). Then you simply hook the pedal into it. The best part is: It costs less than 10 Euros. Check it out:



(yes, I messed up the screws :p)



I found that it is a good idea to somehow hold the front wheel in place because it might turn away from the wall if you don’t. Other than that: A clean, stable and cheap solution. WIN!


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