Descending from First to Grindelwald … continued

The last post featured the upper two trail possibilities from First to Grindelwald, here’s how the ride continued …

On openstreetmap, you can have a look at where the following trails are located. Maybe my descriptions make more sense if you first looked at that… The two building at the top of the map mark the bottom of both the left or right hand upper trails. I continued on a trail marked to be roughly parallel to the gravel road leading to the croft. Unfortunately, after a couple of minutes of a rather broad path which is apparently mostly used by cows, the way completely disappeared. There was absolutely no sight of anything that even could have been a trail seasons ago. So I mostly just crossed the grassland until I actually found the trail again. Rather mellow for the most part, it becomes a lot steeper in some parts at the end.

The trail ends on the gravel road that leads to the Waldspitz hotel/restaurant, which I then followed uphill for a couple of minutes. There are two marked possibilities from that gravel road. The first one (the altitude wise higher one), starts right at the restaurant and is a very, very steep and technical, almost vertical stairway with a lot of tight switchbacks and exposed parts. That’s not really my level of riding so I turned around and walked back up after a few minutes of mostly pushing my bike rather than being able to ride it.

The second possibility from Waldspitz is located a little lower and starts right from the gravel road, too. The map says it is a family way and this time it is not wrong. Still fun to ride since you don’t have to put in a single pedal stroke in order to get down the mountain. It also has a lot of stairs, but it is hardly ever steep or technical.

When that trail dropped to the gravel road once again, I followed the signposted way to Hohlewang, from which there are again (at least) two possibilities to choose from. Have a look at openstreetmap again. The first one is signed to be the “fastest way to Grindelwald”, so it is rather steep but non-technical:

The second one starts right in Hohlewang and simply flows through a little lawn valley.


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