Bachalp lake trails in Grindelwald Switzerland

Last week I had the pleasure to ride my bike in the swiss alps.

Unfortunately, the two guided tours I had booked for the week were cancelled due to a) not enough other interested people and b) an insured guide. So I made some phone calls and was lucky enough to get a GPS track file for my Garmin GPS device. I used the First cable car to get from Grindelwald’s 1000m elevation to First’s 2166m (which is about 40 swiss franks (1 person + bike) btw). From there, I had to find my way around a lot of hikers who were using the gravel road to get to the bachalp lake. If you read this and consider closing your browser now, don’t worry: you won’t encounter many of them on the trail later on. The vast majority does not even bring hiking shoes and simply grump their exhausting way to the lake, take their average two thousand pictures and head back to the cable car.

After arriving at the lake, I sat aside, put on my gear, had a last look at my GPS device and then headed straight into the trail, leaving the tourist madness behind.


One can either follow the left- or righthand (think the lake behind your back) trail. The righthand side being narrower and a little shorter, the lefthand side being a little wider with more line choice and a lot more interesting stony sections. Don’t let the cable car flyer minimap fool you which states the lefthand trail is a family way. It’s alpine singletrack with a load of rocks but hardly any seriously dangerous parts. On the singletrail scale, I’d put it somewhere between S1 and S2.

Hope you enjoy what the GoPro recorded:

Lefthand track:

Righthand track:


2 responses to “Bachalp lake trails in Grindelwald Switzerland

    • Hi Martin

      maybe I chose wrong wording. It was one of those flyer fold out things that are stored next to the cash point that you look at while waiting in line. It had a very vague map of the area in it which marked the tracks as either roads, family ways or hiking trails. Something like this.

      Why do you ask?


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