Am I the only one who likes daylight saving time?

It’s the same thing every year. People complain about daylight saving time on like one or two days after the change. They grumble it’d be bad for animals, bad for children and for whatnot. Well, maybe it is (can’t say it isn’t looking into my kid’s eyes this morning), but you know what? Me, personally … I freakin’ like it!

Being a morning person for as long as I can remember, I don’t care if I have to get up an hour earlier. It only takes a day or two to get used to but the benefits of the change are there immediately. Daylight in the evening! Possibility for bike riding after work! Freedom! Fun!

It’s like the most magical switch being pressed around here. The week after the change, all sorts of people start the bike-riding-not-just-on-the-weekend season, they come crawling back from their couches, eager to ride the trails, happy to finally see all the people again, happy to finally be able to leave the stupid headlights at home.

So in preparation for my “season start” tomorrow, I checked the bike yesterday. Put on new brake pads, made sure everything works and even cleaned it a little bit. Tomorrow, I will leave work a little early, get home as fast as I can, jump into the prepared clothes, get the bike from the garage and meet with friends to ride. I totally fail to express how happy I am about that and how good it feels just thinking about this. How I am going to get any work done tomorrow during the day is beyond me…

Well, I guess this is worth a thank you William Willet for proposing this change in the first place.


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