Even more awesome window tiling: QuickTile

After having played with xfce window tiling for a while, I came to accept it had some shortcomings which forced me to still place windows using the mouse. It can only place windows left, right, top or bottom of the screen, but not, say, in the upper right corner. This is something QuickTile can and it’s just awesome.

There’s hardly anything to do but to install dependencies,

sudo apt-get install python python-gtk2 python-xlib python-dbus

to “git clone” it as described on the website

git clone git://github.com/ssokolow/quicktile

and then start the python script with something like

$HOME/git/quicktile/quicktile.py --daemonize

On Xubuntu, the default key binds (CTRL+ALT+Numpad) do not work since xfce uses those for moving the current window to another workspace by default, so I changed the binding to CTRL+SHIFT+Numpad in $HOME/.config/quicktile.cfg


# ModMask = Control Mod1
ModMask = Control Shift

And here’s what it does:

Plain awesome, isn’t it? Aaand … easy to set up, too!


In order to use the more “naturally feeling” default binding of “CTRL+ALT+NumX” in xfce4, run


, go to “Window Manager” and then tab “Keyboard”. There you need to “Clear” the shortcuts for “Move window to workspace x”:



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