Note to self: Play around with smartphone less

This posting got me thinking about how ridiculously often I pick up my phone to just kill time by looking at freakin twitter or facebook. Even though I consider it being way less compared to lots of people I see, it’s still way too often. So here’s the awful self-reflecting list of situations when- and reasons why I’ll try not to play with the phone that much anymore …

When …

  • sitting on the toilet (makes sitting there longer than required)
  • eating (rude)
  • walking (distracting, makes walk take longer, sometimes even dangerous)
  • sitting in the train or bus (not wanting to be/look/act as dumb as I consider everyone else to be doing that)
  • being on the phone (distracting)
  • putting my child to bed (just think about it)
  • after going to bed (rude and unnecessary in general)
  • driving (dangerous)
  • being at home while someone else is there (talk to people)
  • attending a meeting (distracting and rude)
  • waiting at the train station/bus stop (see sitting in the train/bus)
  • being in a public place with friends in general (talk to people, occasions are rare enough already)
  • brushing teeth (worse result due to distraction)

That’s what came to my mind so far. What other situations can you think of people nowadays just get their phones out and look at whatever they may look at just to kill time?


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