GoPro HD case lense replacement (or … why is everything bullshit these days)

Unfortunately, I managed to get a scratch right in the middle of the lense of the case of my gopro hd 2 camera and had to replace it. Here’s how that went …


That scratch is noticable in every video I shoot with the camera, so I ordered their lense replacement kit for 25 Euros. It generously includes a screwdriver and replacement screws for – quote – “hassle-free repairs” – slash quote.


Well, well. I thought someone finally put some thought into a product. But when trying to loosen those screws, it went everything but “hassel-free”. After screw 1 finally came off (man those things are tightly screwed..) and I looked at the driver, I thought that I’d have to be very very careful in order for this thing to make it to every of the 6 screws. And you know what? I was very careful, but the damn low quality bullshit overprice motherfucker did not hold up. After 3 screws, it looks like this and is totally unusable. Hoo-fucking-ray.



Once I got another this tiny screwdriver, I’ll update this post in how the rest of the “hassle-free” repair went.

Update: Here‘s the rest of the story.


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