The financial perversion of starting to mountainbike

A friend of mine recently bought his first bike and today we rode together for the first time. It was his first time on a bike for ten years, so I chose a mellow route regarding both up- and downhill passages. What hit me during our ride was the financial aspect of what we did.

The bike he bought is a typical beginners hardtail with a 100 mill fork and entry level components at a pricepoint of 650 Euro. At one point, I compared that price to equipment I used today. Shoes: 80€, kneepads: 80€, pants: 150€, jersey: 30€, glasses: 200€, helmet: 120€, backpack: 140€ and stuff in the backpack (like tool and tyre inflator): another 50€. That’s easily more than his entire bike and I thought “How one could seriously encourage someone to start mountainbiking from a financial point of view is just ridiculous…”

The stuff I use was bought over that past five years, so I won’t recommend buying any of that for a beginner. I’ll try to update the blog with cheaper stuff I recommended him to get (or he got himself) and how that stuff turned out to be.


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