This does not feel like Rage against the machine to me

Maybe it’s just me, but the recent news and postings about rage against the machine celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album just disappoint me so much.

I’m a HUGE fan of the band, (legally) own all of their albums, have seen them live and whatnot, but what they’re doing right now just does not feel like them. What I mean is this:

  • Literally every video they post on their facebook page is not viewable from germany due to some copyright shit. Want some examples? Click 1 2
  • They post (as an example)

    You voted “Killing In The Name” as your favorite song. Enjoy!

    on their facebook page and then link to a video of the song. And you know what? It’s a 30 second preview thingy!? Not that I don’t know the song, but seriously… ratm? sadly not

  • And then … finally … the anniversary edition of their first album … A great piece of music for sure, but what the fuck are they thinking releasing this thing for 70 Bucks (that’s the current german amazon price for the deluxe set)? I mean … it features the original CD plus 3 b-sides. The second CD is a demo tape from back in the day and the DVDs feature some of their music videos and some live performance. Come on! 70 bucks for that? That’s not ratm to me :(

I won’t like the band anything less because of this and I do my very best trying to believe that all of this is basically just record company shit, but the way they seem to let the record company dictate things just annoys the fuck out of me. YOU were the rebels among all the rebels, YOU were the ones motivating people to resist and withstand. It just CANNOT be you talking here … I refuse to see another reason for these things …


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