I hate to admit it, but these new “computers” don’t always suck

I asked myself what I actually need a computer for at home and got to realize that for the most part (work (ie typing text into a shell), browsing web pages, reading email) I don’t really need a full blown, heavy, energy wasting machine. Without thinking about it too much, I did those things with my smartphone over the last few months. But actually it’s ridiculous to sit at home and stare at that tiny screen, so I started looking for alternatives.

For a long, long time, I thought that tablet computers are total bull. I still smile at those hipsters sitting in the train with those bulky 10 inch devices waiting for their bloody facebook to load at 100km/h and complaining that it’s not – oh really, is it not, mimimimi?! But now that I own a tablet myself, I have to admit: these things are kind of useful and maybe I just have to accept that this is the kind of “computer” my little daughter will grow up with.

When looking for a device, google’s Nexus 7 quickly drew my attention. With its 7 inch design it seemed not too bulky and being a Nexus device (which usually receives updates more quickly not leaving you dependent on a vendor to release their branded version of a new update) it instantly went to the top of the shopping list. I can live with the fact that it does not have a slot for a sim card since I plan to mostly use it at home (which has wifi) and that it does not have a slot for a memory card is not much of a showstopper for me either since 16g is plenty of space for my usecase (plus, I know how to resize photos to shrink them in size…).

So I own the device (the version with 16 gigabytes of memory) for like three weeks now and I just love it. It’s very well built, I don’t suffer from any of the known issues (I got a c90 batch), it’s small enough to hold with one and operate with the other hand, it’s light, it’s fast and responsive and it’s cheap! A whole lot of power for the buck. I don’t need crap like on-demand-movies (that’s what you have a TV set for, right?!) and books and whatnot, but for reading the paper without producing waste paper, showing photos to my parents or doing any of the other things I mentioned in the opening line, it’s just the perfect device. I hate it, but it’s true, these things are not as useless as I thought they were.


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