Comparison: A bike day without- and with having a child

Since the day my daughter was born, a whole lot of things changed. I want to share an example from last weekend, when I was bike riding with my friend Holle.

Time No daughter daughter
Midnight-5:30 Sleep
5:30 Sleep Get up and put her back to sleep
6:30 Get up and heat up a bottle of milk, then feed it to her
7:00 Change her diapers, then play with her and her doll
8:00 Wake up Wake up mommy
8:00-8:30 Have breakfast While feeding her bread with butter and jam, occasionally make it to grab a bite myself
8:30-8:45 Clean up

  • table

wash and brush teeth

Clean up

  • table
  • her highchair
  • floor

brush her teeth, forget to brush own teeth

8:45-9:30 Put stuff in car:

  • bikes (plural)
  • bike gear
  • food & drinks
play tetris in car with:

  • her foldaway bed
  • her mattress
  • some of her toys
  • an extra set of clothes for her
  • her doll’s pram (this one’s important!)
  • her food & drinks
  • diapers and all the other cleaning stuff
  • her buggy
  • our food & drinks
  • bike gear
  • bike (singular)
9:30-10:00 drive to the bike spot while listening to some heavy music
10:00-10:30 arrive at the bike spot

  • unpack stuff
  • talk bike stuff
  • get ready to ride
drive to Holle’s home while singing children’s songs in order for her to not cry while and because of driving
10:30-11:00 Ride bikes Arrive at Holle’s home

  • unpack stuff
  • set up her bed
  • carry her around until she acclimatized
  • play with her
11:00-11:30 get bike ready, change, part ways with Holle’s girlfriend and my wife and daughter, ride to the bike spot while chatting about diapers, lack of sleep and impersonating her face when she tasted lemon for the first time the other day
11:30-13:00 Ride bikes (right, that’s what we came for)
13:00-13:30 Lunch Ride back to Holle’s place, change, warm up pre-cooked food for her
13:00-13:30 Ride bikes feed her, put her to bed
13:30-14:30 cook, eat, chat
14:30-15:00 clean bikes and pack stuff, change her diapers as she wakes up
15:00-15:30 drive back home while, once again, singing children’s songs
15:30-15:45 unpack a part of the stuff, set up washing machine, then drive to friends whose kid’s first birthday we’re invited to
15:45-18:00 Spend time on the birthday party, occaisionaly grab a bite of cake, the rest of the time crawl on the ground while playing with her on the kids slide and swing
18:00-18:15 Clean bikes, pack stuff Drive back home
18:15-18:45 drive home feed her
18:45-19:00 Shower Brush her teeth, change her diapers, help her put on her sleeping clothes
19:00-19:45 Unpack car, set up washing machine, order pizza Put her to sleep
19:45-20:15 Lie on sofa, watch photos/videos of the day, eat pizza, talk bike stuff Change washing machine and set it up again
20:15-20:45 Clean living room and kitchen
20:45-21:15 eat (=bread)
21:15-21:45 play videogames Change washing machine, shower, brush teeth, go to bed
21:45-Midnight Sleep

In no way I want to express today’s version of a typical saturday is worse than it used to be before. I just felt like sharing how very, very different it is and that it takes time to get used to and accept that everything needs proper planing, time schedule and a lot more thought in general nowadays.


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