So that’s 220 hours of my life I’ll never see again

That’s the amount of time I spent playing Diablo 3 since my start on May 26th. That’s 106 days, so an average playtime of more than 2 hours a day. Seeing this number and thinking about the meaningful things I could have done with that huge amount of time … I don’t even have a word for how I feel about realizing this. If I was a student and had nothing to do … well, but I’m a full-time working father of a (since this saturday) 1-year-old that recently bought a condo … wtf!

To any of you fellow concerned parents … It’s not that this cut time from my daughter, I only played the game when she was asleep. But the rest of my life (and sleep) suffered a bit I guess …

Seeing that freakin’ number in my profile the other night made me want to do the same thing I did when I quit Diablo 2 several years ago. At that time I simply sold my CDs to force myself not to play anymore (it sadly was the only way I managed to quit). With Diablo 3, this is not possible, because the CD is not necessary to play the game. So I decided to take a radical step. I used a password generator, had it put out a 20 character long random password and had my wife change the account password to that. Then, she changed the account email adress to her email address. Now, since I don’t know the password to her email account, I’m unable to login to my account, I’ll hopefully manage to quit the game. It’s sad that this is necessary, but at least it’s a promising way.

I’ll not quit without posting a bit about my Diablo 3 journey though :p

According to my profile’s statistics, my character killed roughly 180 thousand enemies, of which close to 10 thousand were elites. I made it to paragon level 14, and with my current gear, I can pretty much faceroll inferno act 2 but have a fairly hard time when trying to farm act 3. With dying a couple of time on my way there, I even managed to kill Diablo on inferno difficulty on Aug 22nd. Unfortunately, this was after they made inferno acts 3 and 4 way easier in patch 1.0.4 :(

According to, I’m currently ranked as barbarian #9213 in europe. In other words, even after 220 hours, I’m still pretty bad …

The auction house says I had a total of just over 700 transactions, with the best selling item being the post-1.0.4 legendary item “The Oculus” for around 29 million gold. I recently unlocked the achievement of picking up 10 million gold from the ground, so that should be about as much as I picked up in total.

It’s been a (mostly) fun journey – see you when the first expansion hits stores – I’ll be moving, doing some sports and losing some weight in the meantime :)


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