Goodbye replay motivation

I haven’t even gotten my copy of Diablo III yet and already I feel like I need to rant about it. Strong language inside …

Blizzard decided to change the character system quite a bit compared to Diablo II. Instead of putting skillpoints into things you want to learn on the skilltree, skills now unlock automatically once you get to a certain level. Even worse, instead of putting attribute points to your character (like strength, dexterity and stuff), these are also assigned automatically. Likely the barbarian gets more strength and the wizard gets more magic, but anyway … it’s done automatically. So basically, every naked max level character (of the same class) will have the same skills and stats.

When I first realized this, all I could think was a HUGE “What the fuck!?” ? In Diablo II I played like 15 Barbarians or something. The first one just how I thought it was right without any experience in skilling in Diablo II or looking at online forums or something so it basically had one point here and one point there and … let’s face it … that character sucked. Then at like level 70 or something I found a decent axe. But my character was skilled on swords so it was not of much use to me. I started over and played an axe Barbarian and that one also already improved on the skillpoint managent. A couple days later I’d find a nice sword which I could give to the sword guy and so on. Just when I thought I had “completed” the game (like roughly 20 characters and 3-4 years later), I remember like it was yesterday, I found this awesome “cruel great poleaxe of haste” (which I managed to get 2 sockets into and with 2x SHAEL I got to 80% more weapon speed and so got to max frames on whirlwind, but whatever …) and started over again to create this awesome polearm barbarian. Every single attribute and skillpoint exactly where it belonged and it was the most awesome characeter I ever built in D2.

Now in Diablo III, the Barbarian is good with any weapon and it does not change a thing if you use axes or swords, you can just switch at will and don’t have any penalties if you’re a swordsmen and have never weilded an axe before … So why on earth should I ever start another Barbarian after getting one to level 60? I can’t stand the thought of this having been done to address those fucking casual players (damnit I hate that word) who don’t want to start over just because they messed up their character. Well, suck it! Life’s not a ponyfarm and Diablo didn’t use to be either. Now, all that’s left after getting to the maximum level is the hunt for better items. And also, items are the only way to change your character’s stats. That’s just rediculous. I am a huge Diablo fan, have played both earlier games literally thousands of hours but this new version takes it into the wrong direction imho. Apparently Blizzard thinks it is a good idea :(

This is like that rediculous rewind function in racing games nowadays (talking about Forza 3 and 4 here). Only that that is something you can disable at will.

What they (in my opinion) also changed for those casual boneheads is the difficulty. In Diablo 2 it took a lot of time to get to the maximum level (99), even if you had friends helping and perfect equipment. Now in Diablo 3, right after the release of the game, someone got to the max level after only 7 and a half hours. Literally starting without ANY equipment. Damn you blizzard and damn you casual gamer fucks for being so influencial these days.

It also takes away from creativity and experimenting. In Diablo I and II, if you wanted to, you could just “make” a wizard that weilded a huge sword if you just invested enough strength points. This doesn’t make much sense but it was fun just trying. Now you can’t try because you can’t decide on how much strenght points your wizard gets (apart from items which is just a lame excuse).

Oh and that argument about how you don’t have to get on the internet to read about the perfect skillset for a certain character and how lots of players did that in Diablo 2 and most likely other role playing games recently (likely WoW) and then resulting from that a lot of characters were the same after all? Well, now ALL the characters will be the same – how the fuck is that better?


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