Waste of time

While playing Forza 4 one morning this week because the train I usually take was cancelled, I started thinking about how many hours I spent playing racing games and about how rediculous that is considering I don’t even like driving a car in real life. I figured I’d make a list and reminisce about old times :)

Wow, that’s quite some list. And I’m not even sure it’s complete. I likely forgot some games.

However, just looking at this list makes me remember a lot of great moments while playing some of those games. Like unscrewing engine bolts in Street Rod, cracked windshields in Test drive 2 and the first time a game allowed turning 180° and drive backwards in Need for speed (I’m not sure actually whether NFS really was the first game that allowed this, but it definitely was the first time I saw a game that could do this). Countless tries to beat my best time in a Ferrari F50 in Need for speed 2, crashing the fuck out of each other in Carmageddon during LAN parties, expecting to just drive in circles in Nascar Racing but learning that it actually takes a set of skills to drive in “circles”. The used playstation I bought breaking while playing GT2, being overly frustrated by Test Drive Unlimited and last but not least having a blast with the cockpit view in Shift 2.

But it also makes me sad. It instantly reflects how freaking much of my lifetime I literally wasted sitting in front of computers or game consoles. Even when I was a child. And this is only a list of the racing games I played …


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