Note to self: iPod no good in washing machine

Last weekend I unintentionally washed my iPod shuffle (2nd gen) in the washing machine alongside some clothes. Since it was nice weather on friday, I had it in my shirt pocket and not in the jacket – it was too warm for the jacket – and I just forgot to take it out. So now it’s really clean and all shiny again, but unfortunately, it’s not doing anything after moving the power button to the “on” position. Looking for a new device with comparable functionality is a pain in the ass if you don’t want to buy an apple device.

To be honest, I loved the shuffle. It’s small, the clip is very durable and sturdy, has enough capacity (2 gig is plenty for what I need), battery lasts like a decade with one charge and it doesn’t waste battery with a display nobody looks at. That’s like the definition of an mp3 player to me. But I’ve come to dislike apple more and more over the last few years and I actually don’t want a new shuffle just because it is an apple device. Looking for a new player that does not have a display narrows down the options vaguely estimated by about 99%. After browsing through 5 pages of search results, the only device I could find on (german) amazon is the Grundig Mpaxx 920.

Quite obviously a clone of the shuffle. About the same size, but about 1.5 times as thick. At least it’s black, a color apple does not offer, but to be honest, it’s horribly made. Very cheap feeling plastic exterior, quite brash and thin rubber cover for the USB plug and super crappy headphones that will only go one way – into the dustbin. We’ll see how it holds up. If the battery works fine for a week of use for about 40 minutes each day I’ll be fine with it. Otherwise I’d have to start looking again.


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