Losing weight … once again

When I first wanted to lose weight back in 2006, my unfortunate all-time-high was 123 kilograms (at 183cm body height) and I just couldn’t stand myself any more. I started off by finally doing some sports in the gym and applying the apparently simple recipy “no sweets, no fast food and just half of everything else”. What also helped big time was chewing. Might sound weird, but I didn’t chew very much back then, instead it was more like gorging I’d say. When I counted calories right before the beginning of this phase, I found that I had already eaten the amount of calories an average grown adult needs during the whole day only after breakfast… With chewing everything 32 times (like my grandpa had always told me), I was able to eat less and still be full. The gym rather quickly became booooring and annoying (people, music!) so I switched to running outdoors and later on to mountainbiking. Anyways … after two years, I had lost 43 kilos.

Add another three years … after this new year’s my scales told me that I was back to a triple-digit weight. Two zeros point 8 it said … Not that I didn’t look at the scales almost every day, but, especially during the last year, there always was an easy excuse for not being too consistent with sports and food. I hated my job, we moved to a new appartment, my wife got pregnant, I switched jobs, my daughter was born, there always was “a reason” for having to eat pizza and the like. Plus, there wasn’t as much time for sports as there used to be… All in all, in 2011 I gained ten kilos although mountainbiking and strength and balance training summed up to 250 hours over the year.

Well, add the different food (it’s hard impossible wanting to eat salad when you get home from work and your pregnant wife prepared spagheti and meat balls (not trying to accuse anyone here)) and consider that those 250 hours were 120 hours less than 2010 and you’ve got yourself the cause for the weight gaining …

It’s not that I couldn’t find the reason by mid 2011 … it’s just that I couldn’t find the motivation for finally starting over again. Those 3 digits might have been a turning point. I’m down three kilos to 97 in two weeks and the goal is to get down to 90 kilos by the end of march. I’m positive that I’ll get that done and feel a little better physically by then.


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