Bionicon V.02

When I bought my big bike (back in 2009) and needed a shiftable chainguide, I went with a 2-way-shiftable NC 17 Stinger. With myself not exactly being Mr. Clean and the city I live in being top 5 in Germany when it comes to annual rainfall, the roll started to become more and more sluggish during the last months until it refused to rotate at all a couple of weeks ago. So I unmounted and cleaned it, put on a little grease, but performance quickly decreased again and so I decided to get a new chainguide.

So I started looking around and the first time I saw the Bionicon V.02 I almost instantly felt like I had to have it. The construction seemed so natural in comparison to the stinger that I decided to just go for it even though the thing had a rediculously high price tag of 40 Euros. It arrived a couple days later and when it came to mounting it, first of all I had to remove the stinger. After unmounting the crankset, I noticed the the left side bottom bracket was also running anything but smoothly and decided to change it as well, so add another 20 bucks to the basket …

When it comes to mounting the, you can either attach it to the derailleur cable, if your frame routes it underneath the chain stay or simply use cable straps to attach it to the chain stay. You can also do both to ensure maximum mounting safety. The is built in a 2-piece-design. After disassembling it, I put 2 halfs of the cable mounting around the cable, attached both parts of the housing an re-assembled the whole thing with the derailleur cable now being in place. You better have 4 hands when doing this, it’s a bit of a puzzle … After attaching the 2 cable straps, the mount made a reasonably strong impression, but in comparison to the old stinger tensioner, this device seems very weak.

Compared to the stinger, the chain tension seems way lower with the Imho, the cage should be a lot shorter to improve in this part of the job. What I was also surprised by is the fact that the chain needs to go a rather diagonal way through the Looking at it in driving direction, it enters at the right side and leaves at the left side of it. To be honest, I’d be surprised if this plastic device holds up to that for more than 500 kilometers. But we’ll see …

I took the thing for a first ride last weekend. As always during this time, I was facing heavy rainfall, deep mud and was again very happy to have a pair of Swampthing tires around… The held up to its task perfectly. The chain never fell off the chain ring and was not noisy at all. It may also be that it puts less resistance to the chain movement than the stinger did, but that’s hard to say in these conditions.


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