Multifunctional everything

What is it with marketing these days? In my opinion, most people creating commercials and brochures seem to think the people looking at or reading them are stupid. Well, maybe some are, but some things I recently stumbled across while browsing through newspapers are just so plain ignorant …

A couple of weeks ago, I saw something advertised as a “multifunctional scarf”. Well, it was a longish piece of cloth that’s supposed to keep your neck warm. What the hell is multifunctional about that? Oh, maybe one could hang the ad writer with it, too ;) This I would consider a multifunctional scarf, but that’s propably not the correct word for it …

Another thing I found neat was the “multifunctional wallet”. It’s a freaking wallet for gods sake. What can be multifunctional about it? Oh, one can put coins and notes into it. Even credit cards! Now that makes it multifunctional ;)

What’s next? The multifunctional apple? You can’t just eat it, you can also smash it to the ground and watch it explode, you can also put its pits into the ground and grow an apple tree from it, you can even slice it into pieces and then eat it. Isn’t that great, Bob?!

Do you marketing jumping jacks really think describing simple things as being multifunctional will sell more of them? I wonder if one could sue them for saying these things are something they truely are not.


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