Special Edition Madness

What is it with special/limited editions of video games, DVDs and CDs these days? When DVDs were introduced, they, as a difference to video cassettes, had special features like making of documentation about the movie, behind the scenes footage or outtakes. Besides the improved image quality, they actually had something more to offer to the buyer.

And today? Almost every media newly released comes in 2, 3 sometimes even more versions. The latest I came across is the new Metallica and Lou Reed thing. It actually comes in 3 different versions and is also available as an LP version, but that one lacks any bonuses.

But back to topic … Usually, the special/limited/deluxe/whatnot edition has some additional thing to offer which is not available in the “standard” version. But not only does the standard version cost as much as DVDs used to when this whole special edition “idea” was not yet common, it becomes more and more “standard” to only release the “special” edition on the announced release date.

So if you don’t care about the additional crap, which, if at all, you look at once, you cannot experience the release on the set date or you have to pay for more than what you’re interested in (last seen with video game Dark Souls).

But that’s not even the worst those greedy geniuses come up with. Some people even release multiple versions of an album and each version has a different special feature. So if you’re really into the thing and you want to see it all, they actually want the money a couple of times while 90% of the content is identical…

To me, most special editions are what what the standard version used to be and today’s “standard” is a cut down, incomplete rip-off. What else do you call a band’s album that misses two of the recorded songs?

So where’d this rant come from? Well, i recently bought machine head‘s “Unto the locust” and I decided to go for the limited edition for a change. The addition was a DVD with a footage about how the album was recorded. And what did i find when i looked at that DVD? It “featured” what was released as web videos BEFORE the record came out on the band’s homepage!? Are you fucking kidding me? What did i pay the extra money for? I know what for: For being an idiot. Thanks!


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