In your face, UCI!

That‘s my news of the week (who was that Steve anyway …)! Freecaster plans to have its own downhill racing series.

There seems to have been some “financial differences” between the UCI and freecaster regarding licence fees for showing the UCI Mountainbike world cup on the internet. Freecaster couldn’t afford the new amount and therefore will not provide us with live footage of the events next year.

We all were pretty disappointed when we heard that and started swearing about the !”§/&%ing UCI. Freecaster’s response to that is one of the most astonishing things I ever witnessed. Instead of just not broadcasting the races, they’re going to start their own racing series and thereby give the UCI a piece of their mind. I’m so, so, so, so happy they stepped up and talked to the pro racing teams, which, apart from 2 teams, will all be part of the new series, and showed the UCI that nobody really needs them in (at least gravity oriented) mountainbiking. And not just that … Nissan, the original world cup sponsor is on board, too and they even doubled the price money the riders will get for winning the races. How great is that?

Kudos to freecaster! Hope it’s going to work out good.


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