Everything, always, immediately, everywhere … oh, and free please

While waiting for the MTB Downhill World Championships freecaster broadcast to finally start (there’s been a delay due to crashes and such bad weather that the medics helicopter cannot start) and following the chatroom next to the countdown screen, it’s astonishing how crazy people get when it comes to paying for something these days. People are so used to getting everything immediately and for free (most likely not always legally) that they forget that it actually costs money to produce a thing such as wide area sports TV coverage on a steep ass mountain side and broadcasting that over the internet. They start to swear at the freecaster people and are apparently so annoyed that the coverage does not start that they don’t even think about the fact that freecaster has nothing to do with weather and (this time sane) UCI decisions to postpone the start because of the medics heli situation.

It was possible to watch the entire Four-Cross and Downhill World Cup for free but due to more expensive licensing stuff from the UCI, freecaster asks for 15 bucks to watch Worlds. I think this is an amazing deal. Bottom line: 8 Races (7 World Cups, 1 World Championship), 15 bucks, thats 2 bucks a race, even if not charged in that way.

I had a similar experience this week with a woman who bought a used xbox 360 game on ebay from me. She paid on a sunday, I could see the payment in my bank account on tuesday and on thursday, I received an email from her, swearing her ass of about me trying to betray her because she hadn’t received the game yet. I’m not fucking amazon.com, alright? I can’t deliver the next day and I also don’t go to the post office every day.

Convinces me one more time that while it is somewhat nice to be able to order stuff today and have it by tomorrow (transported several hundreds of kilometers) it is mainly really crazy things that are going on these days.


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