Weird moments

While taking a break on on top of the mountain on our mountain bike tour today, we sat down on a cut tree, had a serial bar and just enjoyed the wind, the landscape and our physical exhaustion. And then, not actively thinking about anything, I realized what caused the firewall problem I couldn’t figure out yesterday at work.

I asked my friend whether he had experienced a situation like this and he said he did not. For me, this was at least the third time I remember the solution to some problem I could not figure out when I was looking at it just “coming” to me while not thinking about it.

A funny situation I remember was when I was taking the train home from work and I was very tired so I fell asleep. The kind of train sleep where you wake up and realize that your head was tilted back, your mouth was open and maybe you even snored. Well, sometimes this happens … Anyway, so I’m falling asleep for a couple of minutes and all of a sudden, I wake up and say out loudly (the train was jammed with people as usual during evening rush hour traffic) “Of course, it doesn’t work because $technical_stuff_nobody_on_the_train_understood”. Earned myself quite some weird looks for that one, especially because I slapped my flat hand against my forehead when saying that … But that actually was the solution to the problem I couldn’t fix before.

I wish more things were that easy.


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