This used to be fun … 15 years ago

So I bought Duke Nukem Forever yesterday. Remembering how much fun me and my friends had when we were kids in school playing Duke Nukem 3d at our private LAN parties I kind of got into a “this has to be a good game, how can they screw it up”-mood and actually pre-ordered the game on amazon without reading or viewing any of the comments or videos from this year about it. I especially avoided everything that appeared on the internet about it after the demo was released on June 3rd since I wanted to gain my own first impression on this one.

To be honest, I didn’t play everything yet. Maybe I’m 3 hours in, but already, I don’t have much intention to continue. To me, it is an uninspired and mostly outright boring game with a character that had better not been revived around a practically non-existent story with no memorable npc characters and utterly ugly graphics and animations.

And soundwise? Music is mostly non-existent, this is one thing it could have shined in – some decent heavy tunes would have fitted perfectly, but nothing memorable yet. Most of the time, there is no sound going on whatsoever and it feels like you can even see a media player popup, open a single wave-file, play it, and then shut down again when you interact with anything in the game. Like trying to open a door that cannot be opened. The sound for that just feels delayed like so many other things in this game. The best thing they did was to include the original english version on the german disc because the german version … seriously? Who the hell wants to play a Duke Nukem Game with a Duke having any other than the original voice? Yeah, me neither.

It is really disappointing and while I will probably still play the rest of the game, I wonder how low the price on the renewal market will be by the time I’m done with it.



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