Let’s turn things around

I had enough of wind coming at me after the Rømø-experience the other day so I figured “let’s turn things around”. The idea actually came to me while still in the middle of that mentioned experience …

What only was an idea at first quickly turned into a GPS track created with gpsies.com and I thought I’d just go for it – why not ride from the west side of denmarks mainland to the east side and see the north- and baltic-sea on the same day? So the next day after breakfast I started this trip, no idea how long it would actually take to ride more than 80km in flat country on the road. Not that I’ve never done that before, it’s just been a couple of years :)

From Ballum, I headed towards Løgumkloster and I have to admit, trackwise, it was totally boring. Seemingly never ending straight roads with narrow cycling strips on the side. Anyway, nice and quiet, easily pedaling, I made my way and didn’t actually think much. Until I noticed the quietness and then took a look at my speed. 32km/h without pedaling too hard – following wind rocks! The peace was only disturbed by short passages of gravel every now and then but other than that, it was a beautiful ride with lots of quality time for just me.

I was totally surprised that after only 2 hours I had already reached the E45, the main motorway in denmark, where we had agreed I’d call so the others could take off by car and meet me in Årøsund. Only another hour later, I had crossed denmark. 2h54m and 81km.


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