Pedaling uphill but arriving at the bottom

So riding bikes in flat country is somewhat different from what I’m used to. Ususally, we ride up a hill in order to ride downhill afterwards. Mountainbiking as it should be. Here in denmark, there aren’t any hills in sight but the dune towards the north sea.

Anyway, not riding during a holiday is not an option so I brought the hardtail and went for a ride. I started in Ballum and rode nortwards on the north sea cycle route. Some kilometers of sheep shit covered gravel followed by more kilometers of asphalt. Yeah, you have to be in a cycling mood for this … Since we agreed to meet in Rømø afterwards, I turned in Rejsby and headed back to the dam towards Rømø.

While it was windy before, turning right at that point felt like starting a climb, so much wind was blowing. Only now it came right at me, not from the side. I knew it was 10km to Rømø and then another 3 or 4 to the beach. The wind was fierce, so I chose a low gear and started searching for the uphill mood. Eventually I found it and kept pedaling even though the road did not seem to come to an end. 52 minutes later, the 10km were behind me. My hands were sore, my tighs were burning, but still, I made it. At first it felt kind of good having made the crossing and even leaving behind a couple of trekking bike riders (guess they didn’t even know what the necessary “uphill mood” was, they kept pedaling in high gears). But then, reaching the parking area where we agreed on meeting, it felt like having heavily pedaled uphill for over an hour only to reach the bottom of the hill.

Still a good workout though …


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