Out in the woods – alone – again

So finally, it’s saturday. And finally, there’s some time to go bike riding. As on most saturdays during the last weeks, there’s some place to be in the afternoon and so riding time ends in the early afternoon. Unfortunately, during these hours, noone’s around to join. Argh!

They’re all either still asleep or have plans to go riding later today. While it’s always better to be out riding a bike than doing most other things, there always the tiny thought of “what if something happens” crawling up your back while riding down a trail – alone. And this is something you surely don’t want to think about in that situation.

So, for the fourth week in a row, I’ll go for a cross country tour instead of heading to the downhill trails and slowly start  to accept my progression will probably be slower from now on.

Still better than not riding, isn’t it?


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